Circle E Fragrance List

Fragrance  Description Color
Aged Oak & Citrus An earthy, woodsy blend of aged oak and citrus zest Taupe
Almond Cream Cake Savory blend of almonds and creamy icing Pearl
Apple Strudel The essence of the Old Country. Spicy baked apple aroma - fresh baked from the oven. Golden Sandwiches
Barefoot Beach Peaceful scent of salt air and ocean musk Teal
Bird of Paradise A magical blend that defies description - an all-time favorite. Pearl Pink
Coffee Enjoy the addicting aroma of smooth rich roasted coffee beans. Coffee
Country Morning Cinnamon pumpkin spice with a burst of vanilla and nutmeg. Cinnamon
Creme Brulee  A luscious vanilla and caramel delight. Creamy
Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla A smooth blend of vanilla infused with cinnamon. Cream
Double Fudge Brownie Luxurious smell of just baked brownies. Chocolate
Eternity A truly masculine fragrance, with a refreshing fusion of warm exotic spices. White
Hawaiian Pineapple The tangy aroma of pineapple with a hint of other exotic fruits. Yellow
Home Woodsy, herbal musk. Stormy Gray
Island Hibiscus Fresh floral fragrance. Blue Reef
Kiwi Strawberry Electric fruit blend. Kiwi
Leather The distinctive unique fragrance of leather. Saddle Brown
Lime Margarita Lime infused with a touch of tequila. Lime
Orange Spice & Tobacco Ripe and sweet orange married with spices and light notes of tobacco. Rustic Orange
Orange Vanilla A zesty citrus grove gently laced with French vanilla. Butter
Peace Experience this peaceful tropical paradise, with a hint of blueberry. Sea Blue
Peach Harvest A bumper crop of juicy peach fragrance fresh from the field.  Peach
Sugar & Suede Sueda and vanilla. Rust
Tropical Paradise Coconuts and tropical fruits collide! Blue
True Blue Masculine mix of woodsy aromas. Dark Blue Reef